Tiger Woods: U.S. Open a Pipe Dream for Hobbled Woods

Tiger Woods Needs More Time than the U.S. Open Affords

If you take the temperature of the room, most people have dismissed Tiger Woods as a golfer from here on out. It seems that most people wouldn’t be surprised if he were to retire tomorrow.

This is all very ridiculous to me. Woods has many more years to further his mark on this hallowed game. Now in regards to the immediate future, he should hang up the clubs.

Some thought Tiger was out of his mind to cease all golf activity after the Masters, a tournament is which he re-aggravated his knee. Now we know it was all by design. His injuries take time, and Woods cannot practice the way he swings.

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Each individual injury, knee and heel, are benign when considered separately, but together they pose quite an issue. Woods rips the ball down the fairway with gusto. The strain of such a swing takes its toll on the left knee.

The twisting motion makes Woods pop up and that is how he suffered a fracture. The strain works its way down to the ankle. Once the soreness starts in, the tournament is over. There is no way to play through it as he has done in the past.

The swinging and constant walking work again the golfer. The only thing to do is hang it up until he is 100%. Coming back a minute too early can prolong his absence. With the U.S. Open weeks away, it is improbable to think Woods would return.

There is plenty of golf yet in those relatively young legs. If he has to skip the remainder of the season, so be it. He can’t continue to play as half a man.

He made a run on the leaders at Augusta. Imagine what he can do when healthy. All he needs is the time to get right, the rest will fall into place.

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