Major League Baseball: Will Mark Cuban Own the Dodgers?

With Major League Baseball taking over control of the Los Angeles Dodgers yesterday, it probably won’t be too long before Bud Selig convinces Frank and Jaime McCourt to sell the team.

For those of us who believe that Mark Cuban should be the next person to own a Major League Baseball franchise, don’t get too excited.

This morning on Mike and Mike on ESPN, Buster Olney reported that, “if the Dodgers do go up for sale, Selig is expected to go the safe route.”

He then named a couple of possibilities (people who are currently part-owners of teams now). 

Mark Cuban is not a safe choice at all—at least in baseball’s mind.

Major League Baseball has continuously either put the fix in so that Cuban couldn’t own a franchise (as my colleague Matt Strobl pointed out during the Rangers auction last year) or simply outright denied him the chance (like when the Cubs went up for sale).

Major League Baseball has always been a “good old boys club,” where in order to buy a team, you either have to have owned a club previously (how many franchises did Jeffrey Loria run into the ground before joining the Red Sox ownership group?) or you have to be a quiet person—unlikely to rock the boat. Mark Cuban is none of these.

I firmly believe that Major League Baseball doesn’t want an owner like Cuban—one that will constantly question the commissioner, umpires and so on.

They will do everything in their power, either legally or underhanded (see the Rangers link above), to ensure he never owns a team.

I also firmly believe that Mark Cuban would be great for baseball.

Baseball needs an owner like him—an owner who understands and loves the game.

Baseball needs an owner who is willing to not bother worrying about pocketing money, and instead ensure that he gives the team and the fans the best chance to win year in and year out.

Love him or hate him, George Steinbrenner was great for baseball and I believe Mark Cuban would bring the same fire, energy and desire to win that Steinbrenner had and that most current owners in baseball don’t have.

The sad thing is, it will probably never happen and baseball will be worse off for it.

The Dodgers are one of baseball’s most proud and storied franchises and they deserve an owner that will restore that.

They need an owner that will bring the fans back to the games and Mark Cuban will do that. Baseball is at its best when teams in New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles are succeeding.

What do you think? Do you think Mark Cuban will ever own an MLB team? Do you think the Dodgers might be his best bet?

Rich is a Yankees and MLB Featured Columnist for the Bleacher Report. Follow Rich on Twitter or on Facebook.  You can also email him any questions or suggestions for player comparisons.

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