Bomani Jones Clowns Russell Wilson For Saying He Isn’t Smashing Ciara, Gets Into Twitter Beef With Chris Broussard

Bomani Jones And Chris Broussard Have Twitter War Over Russell Wilson

ESPN Host Bomani Jones’ Twitter timeline is in shambles after he called out Russell Wilson’s refusal to chop down girlfriend Ciara while they’re dating. It all started when the

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Know Your Boo’s Bank Account! 43% Of Couples Inaccurately Guessed Their Partner’s Salary

You don’t want to be among the 43 percent who inaccurately guessed their significant others’ earnings in Fidelity Investments’ 2015 Couples Retirement Study. And here’s the kicker: Despite the fact that four in 10 clearly have a hazy idea about

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BOSSIP Exclusive: “Spawn” Star Michael Jai White Marries Longtime Girlfriend Gillian Waters

Elephants, Fireworks Among Surprises At Michael Jai White And Gillian Waters’ Wedding

Actors Michael Jai White and Gillian Waters tied the knot in a lavish Fourth of July weekend ceremony in Thailand, BOSSIP can reveal.

White and Waters wed July

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12 Men Who Need To Respect Black Women

12 Men Who Have Trash Opinions Of Black Women

Black women are magic. But some people refuse to show them the respect they deserve and maintain terrible views on how amazing they are. These men need to get their lives

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Here’s What Happened When Justin Bieber Went Full Commando On Instagram

The Biebs “Breaks” The Internet

Yea, so Justin Bieber bared his Canadian man-cakes for the ‘gram (because it’s not like any kids are on IG) and broke dented the internet in yet another WTF-worthy Biebs moment that he’ll likely regret

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