Rihanna And Crew Sip Rum Punch And Shake Something While Vacationing In Barbados [VIDEO]

Bend up!!

Rihanna And Friends Party In Barbados, Dance For Instagram

While Rih’s been back home catching up with family, she took a moment to turn-up with friends as well. BFF Melissa Forde has been posting vids of Rih

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Ooh I’m About To Dive In… Top 15 South African Spa Resorts For The Win!

because we can all benefit from some rest and relaxation

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Hustle Hard: The Big Chop, We’re Smashing Your Bills With These 10 Tips

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Race Matters: Newspaper Deletes Racist Comic Depicting Mexicans Taking Over White Family’s Thanksgiving

Didn’t the whites take over the Native American’s land???

Indianapolis Newspaper Apologizes For Racist Comic Strip

Via HuffPo reports:

This past Friday, The Indianapolis Star published the cartoon seen at left above, which depicted a family of apparently Latino

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J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Producers & Faizon Love Support Bill Cosby, Call Naysayers “Porch Monkeys” Who “Need To Be Raped”

Oh. Okay…

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Faizon Love Send Inflammatory Tweets Blasting Bill Cosby’s Alleged Victims

Bill Cosby’s rape scandal has become a polarizing topic, with supporters and detractors becoming very vocal on social media about what they do and don;t believe

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