Question Of The Day: Would You Buy A Spray-On Condom?

Pratt Institute Of Design Student Wants To Create Spray-On Condom

Uh, ok…

Via HuffingtonPost

Condoms. They’re a cheap, effective way of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. They are also a lot less expensive than raising kids. Why screw

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The Most Embarrassing Moments In Rap Beef

The Most Embarrassing Moments In Rap Beef History

Rap battles are supposed to be ruthless and back-and-forth competitions of will and lyricism. However, sometimes they fall of the rails and become way more embarrassing for everyone involved. In light of

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A Little-Known Island Nation: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Comoros!

Located off the coast of Africa, Comoros remains a wild and largely unexplored country that flies under the radar. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about this island nation. 

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New Artist From Jersey Doing His Thing

New Jersey Native Brings New Hot Track To The Table

Fine upcoming artist from Jersey doing his thing in his new video “recount it” ft djcooley make sure you check it out show him love and click the link below

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Drake Actually Sends Charlamagne The 6 Bottles Of Dom Pérignon He Mentioned In The Meek Mill Diss [Video]

How is Meek gonna come back from this? Killed by the emo rapper…

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